Pola Minerals

King Scallop shell

Latin name - Pecten maximus

Our scallop shells are definitely "King Scallop"! A truly iconic shell and still to this day the foundation of the Pola Minerals business. Our shells originate in the waters around the UK and Ireland and we strongly believe that there is not a better cleaned scallop shell product on the market anywhere in the world.

From traditional Coquilles Saint Jacques to cutting edge fusion cuisine this is the shell to finish off any number of dishes.

We have a full selection of grades within a 9.5 to 15cm (3.5 to 6inch) size range, measured side to side.

We are also able to offer this product as a smaller 8 to 8.5cm shell (3.1 to 3.4inch) using specialist labour and equipment to individually hand-grind the shells down from their original size.      

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